Canton Glarus

The Canton of Glarus is business-friendly.

The Canton of Glarus is business-friendly. Thanks to one of the first Swiss business development laws, this industrial region has become an attractive place for business with many advantages. The most important ones are:

  • Person-to-person: Glarnerland is big enough to offer companies sufficient room and small enough to allow quick decisions unburdened by bureaucracy. 
  • Good advice isn't expensive: The Office of Economic Matters supports entrepreneurs who are founding a business just as much as established companies who want to settle here. 
  • Quality of life over money: In the canton of Glarus, companies can find affordable real estate and well-trained employees. Companies benefit from competitive labour costs and taxes.
  • Everything is close: Glarnerland has very good transportation links. Zurich and its airport are only one hour away by car or train, the most important north-south axis runs through the canton, and private planes and helicopters take off and land in Mollis.

Fiscal Facts


  • Corporate tax rate
    Nominal corporate tax rate: 18% (9.5% cantonal tax; 8.5% federal tax)
    Effective corporate tax rate: 15.7%;
    Targeted total effective corporate tax rate after tax reform (TRAF): 12.43%;
    100% tax relief at federal and cantonal level, max 10y: 0.00%.
  • Individual tax rate
    Progressive, maximum of 17% on income and 3% on wealth; 11% federal tax
  • Guiding thoughts & policies regarding tax holiday 
    The governing council may grant tax holidays to a newly established company or a company that modifies its operations in a fundamental way in the first year and the nine subsequent years. In some circumstances, a company may even be exempt from all cantonal and federal taxes for a maximum of ten years. The company must benefit the canton's general economic interest and
    • create new jobs or secure existing jobs,
    • not compete with existing companies in Glarus
    • generate a certain degree of value creation
  • Innovation support & R&D grants
    Incentives on request. Maximum USD 50,000 once


  • Predominant industries
    Food processing, plastics, metal improvement, building and construction, aircraft
  • Flagship companies:
    Netstal Maschinen, Kunststoff Schwanden, Läderach, Kopter Group, Eternit
  • Recent additions:
    Carlsberg Supply Company (2012)


The Greater Zurich Area is the economic driver of Switzerland. The GZA is an organization that credibly promotes the unique advantages of our region abroad. The canton of Glarus, with its rich industrial tradition and natural beauty, sees itself as part of it. We are glad to be able to help shape the GZA's appearance.
Marianne Lienhard - Government Councillor, Head of the Department of Economic Affairs and Internal Affairs

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