Kanton Solothurn

Canton Solothurn

The major highway crossings connect in the canton of Solothurn. And an important junction of the Swiss and European railway system is located in Olten.

One third of the Swiss population lives within the daily commuting distance – this must be the largest recruitable labor market in Switzerland, in particular if the regions of Southern Germany and in neighboring France are added to this.   

There is definitely more left over, under the line, thanks to the lower fixed costs in the canton of Solothurn. Companies also benefit from moderate prices for industrial plots and office rental fees, as well as in terms of taxation aspects.  

A variety of different industrial branches benefit from the technological know-how acquired over generations. Employees in these companies are used to ensuring the highest quality and delivering utmost quality at all times.

This is the reason that the so-called Jurasüdfuss plays a major role in terms of precision technology, medical technology and in the watch sector.  

Fiscal Facts


  • Corporate tax rate
    Effective corporate tax rate: 8% - 21.7%: old scheme, starting at the lower end with privileged companies, up to regular taxation.
  • Individual tax rate: 
    13.2% - 17.3%: based on many assumptions - CHF 100,000 taxable income (not gross income) for both cantonal and federal level, CHF 100,000 assets, married, two kids, no church, lowest & highest tax rate of all suburbs.
  • Guiding thoughts & policies regarding tax holiday
    Tax holidays are still in place, however, in tendency only for bigger and substantial projects. Max duration ten years on taxable profit on the level of town and canton. Federal tax and capital tax due. Some suburbs in an economic renewal area profit potentially from an additional relieve on federal tax on top of a cantonal tax holiday measure. Final level of incentive and duration matter of a solid business plan. Final decision with government.
  • Innovation support & R&D grants
    No direct fiscal support or cash
    Member of and direct access to Innovation Park Biel www.sipbb.ch


  • Predominant industries
    Medtech, precision mechanics, logistics, watch making, biotech
  • Flagship companies:
    J&J DepuySynthes, Biogen, Stryker, ETA, Jura
  • Recent additions & exits:
    New: Biogen (2016), Jabil (take-over of DepuySynthes production - 2018),
    Invacare International (2018)


The Canton of Solothurn would not be able to carry out its own cultural and country-specific appearances and the specific processing of individual target markets sufficiently on its own due to resource reasons. Thanks to the efficient use of resources at GZA, the canton benefits directly from the worldwide network of customers and multipliers that has been established for many years, as well as from the internationally renowned Zurich brand.
Brigit Wyss
Brigit Wyss - Government Councillor Canton Solothurn

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