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Kanton Solothurn

Canton Solothurn

The major highway crossings connect in the canton of Solothurn. And an important junction of the Swiss and European railway system is located in Olten.

One third of the Swiss population lives within the daily commuting distance – this must be the largest recruitable labor market in Switzerland, in particular if the regions of Southern Germany and in neighboring France are added to this.   

There is definitely more left over, under the line, thanks to the lower fixed costs in the canton of Solothurn. Companies also benefit from moderate prices for industrial plots and office rental fees, as well as in terms of taxation aspects.  

A variety of different industrial branches benefit from the technological know-how acquired over generations. Employees in these companies are used to ensuring the highest quality and delivering utmost quality at all times.

This is the reason that the so-called Jurasüdfuss plays a major role in terms of precision technology, medical technology and in the watch sector.  

Kultur- und länderadäquate Auftritte sowie die spezifische Bearbeitung einzelner Zielmärkte könnten vom Kanton Solothurn aus Ressourcengründen nur ungenügend in Eigenregie durchgeführt werden. Durch den effizienten Mitteleinsatz bei der GZA profitiert der Kanton direkt vom jahrelang etablierten, weltweiten Netzwerk zu Kunden und Multiplikatoren sowie von der weltbekannten Marke Zürich.
Brigit Wyss
Brigit Wyss - Regierungsrätin Kanton Solothurn

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